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Sharon Cunningham was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott to serve on The Governor's 
Regulatory Council in 2014. This appointment was after a full vetting and State Senate review of Sharon and the business services our company has offered for over 30 years. Sharon was reappointed in 2015 to serve from Feb 4, 2015 thru Oct 31, 2018
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Englewood Beach & Yacht Club Testimonial Letter


Sea Oats Beach Club Testimonial Letter


What initially attracted your attention to non-judicial foreclosures?

"Low cost and ease of process." - Jeanne, Driftwood Resort


“The cost and the quickness.” - Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“The dramatic difference in cost and time involved in non-judicial versus
judicial foreclosures.” - Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“We were informed about non-judicial foreclosures by the company who handles the title work on our re-sales. Up until then, we did very few foreclosures, due to the high expense compared to the amounts owed.”
- Lauren, Marina Village at Snug Harbor

“It’s an easier process. The price is reasonable (equal to market price)
and the speed of deed recovery.“
- Susan, Calypso Cay

“Price, time frame and ease of process.” - Bobbi, Lahaina Inn Resort

What initially attracted you to our company to provide this service?

“First, a long-time relationship and second, I know that the owners are people
who get things done.” - Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“The reputation of your company and the knowledge and experience of your representatives in non-judicial foreclosures were the deciding factors.” - Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“We heard a presentation by Kevin Mattoni at a local RCI seminar. Your fees were economical, so we decided to give you some business.” - Lauren, Marina Village at Snug Harbor

“Fast turnaround time. It’s easy to work with John.“ - Susan, Calypso Cay

Additional Comments

“This definitely is the way to go for timeshare foreclosures and your company makes it so very easy. All I had to do was furnish the information. You did all the work.”

“Thanks to Kevin, John and the Cunningham team for making this a stress-free and pleasant experience. After going through several dragged-out and very expensive
judicial foreclosures, this experience was a dream come true!”

Did we respond quickly, clearly, and answer all of your questions?

“Absolutely, on every matter” - Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“We received a letter from Kevin immediately in response to our inquiry.
At the subsequent meeting he was very knowledgeable and willing to
explain and respond to our questions in language that we understood.”
- Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“Yes, Kevin responded very quickly and addressed all my issues.”
- Lauren, Marina Village at Snug Harbor

“Yes, Kevin responded in a timely manner“ - Susan, Calypso Cay

“Definitely, and explained everything step by step” - Bobbi, Laina Inn Resort

Did we communicate in a timely way? Did we keep you properly informed of the status of your files?

“Yes, I have dealt with attorneys through the years with foreclosures and never received answers for months. John answered emails and calls very quickly”
- Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“We received reports as the process progressed. Every time we asked questions, Kevin responded immediately.” - Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“I felt that John did an excellent job communicating with me. He was always responsive and addressed issues promptly and knowledgeably. We actually got off to a bad start with our first batch of paperwork getting lost in the mail, but we got back on track after redoing everything.” - Lauren, Marina Village at Snug Harbor

“Yes, every time“ - Susan, Calypso Cay

“Yes, Kevin and John were great!” - Bobbi, Lahaina Inn Resort

Additional Comments

“It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. You actually do
what you say you will in an efficient cost and effective manner.”

How long did we tell you we would need to complete files?
Are you satisfied with the resolution time?

“He told us approximately 180 days and that was met. We are absolutely satisfied with the service that we will be providing files on other resorts we manage.” - Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“We were told that it would take 5 to 6 months for completion. From the date that we signed the agreement to the foreclosure sale, it was 5 months. We will receive the deeds within 6 months. This is far from the 12 months to 2 years that we waited for completion of judicial foreclosures and the thousands of dollars billed to us..”
- Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“We were told that the foreclosures would take 120-150 days and they actually took 136 days from the Notice of Appointment to recording in Lee County. This is great turnaround time.” - Laureen, Marina Village at Snug Harbor

“Six months and yes.“ - Susan, Calypso Cay

“March was mentioned as a date and it’s now March 18 and we are now at the
point of final sale.” - Bobbi, Lahaina Inn Resort

Did you incur any new or unknown charges?

“No, Kevin kept the prices exactly as stated and there were no additional costs.” - Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“The prices were exactly as quoted. No hidden fees or unexpected
charges were billed to us.” - Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“Not at all, no surprises.“ - Susan, Calypso Cay

Additional Comments


Jeanne L. Radlet
Driftwood Resort


"Appreciated the professionalism through the process. Everything was completed as stated. Would definitely use the company (CARS) again."

“Vacation Property Management, Inc. has known Cunningham Properties for 30 years and know the services they provide. We would definitely refer them to other resorts that we come across.”

Donald L. Mahoney, Beach Island Resort

President, Board of Directors

“Last spring, Shane Flanagan with RCI suggest that Beach Island Resort’s Resident Manager, Mike Cooney, contact Kevin Mattoni of Cunningham Property Management, Sarasota, FL, regarding issues that have been challenging BIR over the years. Kevin has become an excellent resource for us. He has spent numerous hours providing input and advice on a range of topics all at no charge to BIR. His 30 years of experience in the timeshare industry have been invaluable both to our Board of Directors and to our owners.”

“Kevin visited our small resort in Cocoa Beach and evaluated both our physical condition and operating situation. He is helping us identify the problems facing BIR, the alternative options for the future, the sequence of actions, and the funds needed to achieve each option. At the request of our Board, Kevin addressed our owners during the annual meeting on Sunday, November 2, 2014, energizing both awareness and action.”

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am recommending Cunningham Property Management. Many resorts can benefit greatly from using their services and expertise.”


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