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Press Release 10/27/2017:
C.A.R.S. and McMullen Development Join Forces to Assist Legacy Resorts! – Click here to learn more!

The Cunningham Team – a Legacy of Success through Experience

Kevin Mattoni

Managing principal of Cunningham Asset Recovery Services (CARS) and Cunningham Property Management Corp.

Sharon Cunningham

Founding partner and broker of record.

Richard Cunningham

Partner, Broker, and Regional Manager for Cunningham Property Management Corp.

Cunningham Asset Recovery Services enjoys 100% customer satisfaction rating across the board.

C.A.R.S. is member of ARDA, and the exclusive industry service provider the RCI Affiliate Access program.

Click here to see what our clients are saying about their experiences with non-judicial foreclosures by Cunningham Asset Recovery Services!

Kevin Mattoni:

Kevin Mattoni has over 35 years’ experience in vacation ownership industry, he also held several senior management positions including lead officer for bank responsible, their management and operation of seventeen (17) timeshare resorts, and at $600 million loan portfolio. He is trusted advocate for industry, volunteering his time to ARDA including assisting in drafting the original Resale Broker Code of Ethics.

Kevin Mattoni is managing principal of Cunningham Asset Recovery Services (CARS), and managing principal offers Cunningham Property Management Corp, specializing in full service management of vacation ownership resorts in Florida. Mr. Mattoni oversees all business-to-business and business-to-consumer operations, including staff and facilities under management with CPMC. Additionally, he supervises in-house marketing, sales, and for legal matters at CPMC.

Mr. Mattoni developed less expensive and faster process for lenders and associations to complete non-judicial foreclosures. He is currently consulting across the industry, primarily focusing on assisting financially troubled timeshare resorts.

Sharon Cunningham:

Sharon Cunningham is found partner and broker of record for Cunningham Property Management Corp, CPMC. Ms. Cunningham was appointed to serve the Florida Regulatory Council of Community Managers, representing the vacation ownership industry. Sharon has over 35 years’ experience, in operating timeshare resorts throughout Florida, and is held in high regard for her ability to help struggling properties recover into successful properties, and continuing to operate that very high standard. Her early career in banking provides the foundation for analysis, responsible budget management, and navigating the financial challenges facing resorts today.

Sharon was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott to serve on The Governor’s Regulatory Council in 2014. This appointment required a full vetting and State Senate review of Sharon and the business services Cuningham for 30 years. Sharon was reappointed in 2015 to serve term extending from 2015 thru 2018. For more information click here.

Richard Cunningham:

Richard Cunningham is partner, broker, and regional manager for Cunningham Property Management Corp. Upon graduation with honors for Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Richard immediately began his career in vacation ownership industry.

Richard currently oversees 5 resorts on Florida’s Gulf coast while serving Board of Directors the local Chamber of Commerce. Richard their work knowledge of resort operations ranging for his early experiences working at front desk, to assistant manager, and on CAM licensed resort manager. The resorts under Richard’s supervision continually obtain it highest awards the industry.

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