What initially attracted your attention to non-judicial foreclosures?

“Low cost and ease of process.” – Jeanne, Driftwood Resort

“The cost and the quickness.” – Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“The dramatic difference in cost and time involved in non-judicial versus
judicial foreclosures.” – Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“We were informed about non-judicial foreclosures by the company who handles the title work on our re-sales. Up until then, we did
very few foreclosures, due to the high expense compared to the amounts owed.”
– Lauren, Marina Village at Snug Harbor

“It’s an easier process. The price is reasonable (equal to market price)
and the speed of deed recovery.“
– Susan, Calypso Cay

“Price, time frame and ease of process.” – Bobbi, Lahaina Inn Resort