Did you incur any new or unknown charges?

“No, Kevin kept the prices exactly as stated and there were no additional costs.” – Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“The prices were exactly as quoted. No hidden fees or unexpected
charges were billed to us.” – Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“Not at all, no surprises.“ – Susan, Calypso Cay

Additional Comments

“Appreciated the professionalism through the process. Everything was completed as stated. Would definitely use the company
(CARS) again.”

“Vacation Property Management, Inc. has known Cunningham Properties for 30 years and know the services they provide.
We would definitely refer them to other resorts that we come across.” – Jeanne L. Radlet, Driftwood Resort


“Last spring, Shane Flanagan with RCI suggest that Beach Island Resort’s Resident Manager, Mike Cooney, contact Kevin Mattoni
of Cunningham Property Management, Sarasota, FL, regarding issues that have been challenging BIR over the years. Kevin has
become an excellent resource for us. He has spent numerous hours providing input and advice on a range of topics all at no charge to
BIR. His 30 years of experience in the timeshare industry have been invaluable both to our Board of Directors and to our owners.”

“Kevin visited our small resort in Cocoa Beach and evaluated both our physical condition and operating situation. He is helping us
identify the problems facing BIR, the alternative options for the future, the sequence of actions, and the funds needed to achieve each
option. At the request of our Board, Kevin addressed our owners during the annual meeting on Sunday, November 2, 2014, energizing
both awareness and action.”

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am recommending Cunningham Property Management. Many resorts can benefit greatly
from using their services and expertise.” – Donald L. Mahoney – President, Board of Directors, Beach Island Resort