How long did we tell you we would need to complete files? Are you satisfied with the resolution time?

“He told us approximately 180 days and that was met. We are absolutely satisfied with the service that we will be providing files on other resorts we manage.” – Gloria, White Sands Resort Club

“We were told that it would take 5 to 6 months for completion. From the date that we signed the agreement to the foreclosure sale, it was 5 months. We will receive the deeds within 6 months. This is far from the 12 months to 2 years that we waited for completion of judicial foreclosures and the thousands of dollars billed to us..”
– Fay, Limetree Beach Resort

“We were told that the foreclosures would take 120-150 days and they actually took 136 days from the Notice of Appointment to recording in Lee County. This is great turnaround time.” – Laureen, Marina Village at Snug Harbor

“Six months and yes.“ – Susan, Calypso Cay

“March was mentioned as a date and it’s now March 18 and we are now at the
point of final sale.” – Bobbi, Lahaina Inn Resort